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Multiplayer Melee Maps

This is my first Warcraft 3 map, a 1v1 map called Two Paths. Starcraft veterans will recognize that this map was inspired somewhat by the classic Starcraft map, Bridge over River Styx. Like Styx, Two Paths has double bridges over the central water, and similar placement of expansions. However, on Two Paths, the island expansions are fairly heavily guarded and thus not accessable early in the game.

An interesting situation that can happen on this map is when both players decide to attack at the same time, but take different bridges to reach the opposing base! Each player must then decide whether to attack the enemy's relatively undefended base, or to use a Town Portal scroll to fall back and defend his or her own base.

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Here's my second Warcraft 3 mapping effort, Split Position. This map is designed for 2v2 play.

The map is inteded to give a slightly different spin to gameplay in that one player per team starts close to the enemy, while the other teammate starts in a more sheltered position, with their ally between them and the enemy.

The corner island expansions are accessable by Waygates, located between the two main bases on each team.

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Updated 3/28/2003 Revision History
A more "serious" mapping effort, Triple Double is my effort to correct a shortcoming in the default Blizzard-designed maps provided with Warcraft 3: a balanced map designed for 2v2v2 play (3 teams of 2). The map also works well for 2v2.

Success on this map often hinges on control of the center. The creeps positioned in the center tend to encourage players to head there early on, creating early conflict similar to that which often happens on Lost Temple -- with the added twist that there are three teams involved instead of only two. Be careful not to get caught between both enemy teams at once!

Located on the outer path of the map are three one-way Waygates that transport units to the Health Fountain in the center. In addition to being a way for far-ranging forces to get back into the action quickly, these 'gates provide a way for alert players to ambush any units that an enemy player might have sitting at the Fountain healing.

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"Test Arena" Unit Matchup Testing Map

Did you ever want to see how a battle between 7 Gryphons and 4 Frost Wyrms would work out? Or how different Orc forces would work to counter a mixed Night Elf force composed of Huntresses, Druids of the Talon, and Chimeras? Then Test Arena is the map for you! This map is set up for 2 players, with unlimited gold and lumber, and one of each type of unit-producing building and upgrade building in the game for each player. Build times for all units and upgrades are set to 1 second, making production of any type of mixed force a snap.

You and a friend build up the forces of your choice, then send them at each other in the center of the map. After each battle, any leftover units can be sent back to the fountains of life/mana in each player's base to heal back up (at 10 times the normal fountain rate), or removed from the game by sending them through the portal at the bottom center of the map.

Heroes can be quickly levelled by purchasing unlimited experience tomes from the two marketplaces located at the top of the map. Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Health tomes are also available at the Marketplaces.

The food usage of each player's force is displayed at the top right of the game interface, to help ensure "fair" matchups in terms of food used by each force (if desired).

Known Issues and Revision History

Download: (38k) (Requires the Frozen Throne expansion)

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