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I'm a Software Developer Computer Gamer Husband and Dad Tech Blogger University of Michigan Computer Science Alum Game Developer Cold Fresh Apple Cider Afficionado Youth Flag Football Head Coach Michigan Marching Band Trumpet Alum Avid Reader Settler of Catan Nice Christian Sushi Eater Michigan Football Fan Inline Skater PC Builder Decent Writer (for a developer!) Portrait-Orientation Phone Gamer National Park Hiker Board Gamer Instrumental Rock Listener 100 WPM Typist Net Neutrality Proponent Eagle Scout Beginning Guitarist Nintendo Gamer Childrens' Ministry Tech Guy Onetime Sprinter 20k+ Rep StackOverflow Answerer Friendly Introvert Smash Bros. Samus Main Avid Indoorsman Semicolon Enthusiast Not-So-Good Artist Lifelong Michigan resident Happy User of Both Mac and PC Recovering Cheapskate 8+ Year Remote Work Veteran

Angel Glacier trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Melissa Schneider, 2019.

About Jon

I'm a professional software developer who also likes coding on the side for fun! I've been programming since I was 6.

I'm also a husband, father, tech blogger, game developer, board gamer, avid reader, Michigan Marching Band trumpet alumnus, youth flag football coach, and Eagle Scout.

I like sushi, fresh apple cider, and peanut M&Ms. (Not all at the same time.)

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Stuff I've Made

Here are some of my published personal projects, and other bits of online presence!

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I've been tweeting infrequently since 2008.


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