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Jon's Harry Potter Trivia!

My kids are big Harry Potter ⚡ fans -- as am I, I must admit! Having read through the entire series to them aloud, I came up with these 100% original trivia questions to further entertain them.

Difficulty ranges from "tricky" to "near-impossible". Enjoy!

All answers are based on the books -- not the movies.

Q: How many scoring rings are there in Quidditch?


A: 6.

Not 3. There are 3 on each end of the pitch. 3 + 3 = 6!

I mean, how many goals are there in soccer (football)? There are 2, right? 🙂

Yep, this is going to be that kind of trivia. Some of the questions, anyway!

Q: What defense of the Philosopher's Stone was after the giant chess board, and before the potions puzzle room?


A: A troll.

It was already unconscious when Harry and Hermione encountered it.

Q: Which two characters get unwanted tails, which they need to have removed?


  1. Dudley
  2. Hermione

Dudley's, of course, is the pig tail from Hagrid.

Hermione's is a cat tail from the polyjuice potion she took in year 2.

(Lupin also gets a tail he doesn't want, when he becomes a werewolf; but he doesn't get it removed, it goes away on its own!)

Q: Which two characters each brought a giant arachnid into Hogwarts?


  1. Hagrid
  2. Lee Jordan

Hagrid, of course, brought Aragog into the school when he was a student, which was a factor in his being framed for the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, and subsequentlly expelled.

We see Lee bringing some kind of giant tarantula onto the Hogwarts Express in Harry's year 1. (Book 1, chapter 6)

Q: Which class did Harry regularly attend after midnight?


A: Astronomy.

From book 1, chapter 8, we learn that Harry had Astronomy class weekly at midnight.

We don't actually see Harry attending an Astronomy class activity until his O.W.L. exam in year 5, though!

I suppose that attending Astronomy class must have been an exception to the "no students walking around the school at night" policy...?

Q: When do we first see Hermione drinking coffee?


A: At breakfast on the 2nd day of school, in the 5th year.

Q: When does Harry have his first taste of coffee?


A: On the Hogwarts Express, in his first year.

One of Harry's Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans tastes like coffee! (Book 1, chapter 6)

Q: What was Harry’s first conversation with Professor Dumbledore?


A: At the mirror of Erised. (Book 1, chapter 12)

Q: How many spells do we see Ron successfully cast (where the spell works as intended) throughout Book 2?


A: Zero.

The main problem, of course, is that Ron breaks his wand upon crash-landing at Hogwarts in the flying car.

(Kind of a bummer for Ron that although Professor McGonagall bought Harry a new racing broom in year 1, she's evidently less sympathetic to Ron not really being able to even do magic at all throughout year 2!)

Q: What is a Gurg?


A: The leader of a group of giants. (Book 5, chapter 20)

Q: (Multiple choice) In Harry’s third year, what wakes him up at 4:30am on the morning of the Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff quidditch match?

Multiple choices:

  1. Peeves.
  2. A storm raging outside.
  3. Dementors.
  4. A nightmare.


A: Peeves.

Apparently just being random, Peeves wakes Harry up by blowing cold air into his ear. (Book 3, chapter 9)

This is the only time in the series that we see Peeves in the dormitories, or anywhere in the Gryffindor house area.

Q: When do we see Professor McGonagall visit the Gryffindor common room 3 times in a single 12-hour period?


A: In year 3, after the quidditch victory over Ravenclaw, and that same night, Ron was woken up by Sirius Black in the dormitory (chapters 13-14).

Q: On what occasions does Harry Potter go for a boat ride? (4 answers)



Q: On what occasions do we see Harry Potter ride on a broomstick, in a context other than practicing or playing quidditch? (Multiple answers)



Q: What is Professor Sprout’s preferred type of fertilizer?


A: Dragon dung. (Book 5, chapter 13)

Q: When do we see Harry playing chaser instead of seeker in quidditch?


A: The day of Ron's first quidditch practice, Harry heads out early with Ron and tries to score goals on him with the quaffle. (Book 5)

Q: When Harry started at Hogwarts, how many years had Professor McGonagall been teaching there?


A: Almost thirty-five.

Based on book 5, chapter 15, where in reponse to Umbridge's question about her tenure at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall replies "Thirty-nine years this December."

Q: What was Hermione copying a diagram of, in the library, while discussing with Harry and Ron having Harry teach Defense Against The Dark Arts, prior to the meeting in the Hog’s Head tavern?


A: A Chinese Chomping Cabbage. (Book 5, chapter 16)

Q: What book — mentioned by name twice during the scene — is Harry reading to study for Potions, in the library, while discussing with Hermione and Ron having Harry teach Defense Against The Dark Arts, prior to the meeting in the Hog’s Head?


A: Asiatic Anti-Venoms. (Book 5, chapter 16)

Q: Among the founding members of Dumbledore’s Army who met in the Hog’s Head, were there more Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws?


A: There were 7 Ravenclaws and 5 Hufflepuffs. (Book 5, chapter 16)

Ravenclaws (in order of appearance):

  1. Padma Patil
  2. Cho Chang
  3. "One of [Cho's] usually-giggling girlfriends" -- Marietta Edgecombe -- we learn her first name in the first D.A. meeting, when Cho accidentally lights her sleeve on fire when trying to perform Expelliarmus in front of Harry; and her surname in the later confrontation in Dumbledore's office
  4. Luna Lovegood
  5. Anthony Goldstein
  6. Michael Corner
  7. Terry Boot


  1. Ernie Macmillian
  2. Justin Finch-Fletchley
  3. Hannah Abbot
  4. "a Hufflepuff girl with a long plait down her back whose name Harry did not know" -- Susan Bones, who introduces herself as Madam Bones' niece during the scene
  5. "a tall skinny boy whom Harry recognized vaugely as being a member of the Hufflepuff quidditch team" -- Zacharias Smith, as we learn when Ron demands his name during the scene

For completeness, Gryffindors:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Hermione Granger
  3. Ron Weasley
  4. Neville Longbottom
  5. Dean Thomas
  6. Lavender Brown
  7. Parvati Patil
  8. Katie Bell
  9. Alicia Spinnet
  10. Angelina Johnson
  11. Colin Creevey
  12. Dennis Creevey
  13. Ginny Weasley
  14. Fred Weasley
  15. George Weasley
  16. Lee Jordan

This scene, which recaps Harry's adventures in the series thus far, and shows the other students' reactions to them, as well as his own feelings about them, is one of my favorites in the series! Every student at the meeting had a good reason for being there, too.

Q: What did Hagrid do that caused Hermione to exclaim "I — don't — believe — him!”?


A: Asking Harry and Hermione to visit Hagrid's giant brother, Grawp, in the Forbidden Forest, and give him English lessons. (Book 5, chapter 30)

Q: What did Ron suggest doing that caused Hermione to snarl “You — are — a — prefect!”?


A: Ordering firewhiskey from the Hog’s Head (while waiting for the other attendees of the first Dumbledore’s Army meeting to arrive).

Q: What did Harry suggest doing to cause Hermione to ask “Are — you — insane?”


A: Using the unmonitored fireplace in Umbridge’s office to contact Sirius.

Q: Who was the first female student to kiss Harry Potter during his time at Hogwarts?

Hint 1:

It wasn't Cho Chang.

Hint 2:

It wasn't a friendly kiss from Hermione, either.

Nor was it Ginny.


A: It was one of Alicia, Angelina, or Katie.

Each of the Gryffindor chasers gives Harry a friendly kiss after his winning catch in the quidditch match versus Ravenclaw in year 3. (Book 3, chapter 9)

Q: What is the name of the quill shop in Hogsmeade?


A: Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop (Book 5, chapter 16)

Q: What are the names of two robe shops in Diagon Alley?



Draco and his mother decide to go to the latter instead, after being taunted by Harry at the former.

Q: Which characters receive a Howler during the series? (5 answers)



Q: How late were 5th year students permitted to be out in the corridors?


A: 9:00 pm. (Book 5, chapter 18)

Even though it's early enough that they are still permitted to be out and about, the Trio is nervous about being caught as they make their way to the first Dumbledore's Army practice session.

Q: In the tapestry located across the corridor from the Room of Requirement, what is Barnabas the Barmy depicted as doing?


A: Attempting to teach trolls ballet dancing. (Book 5, chapter 18)

Q: After visiting Mr. Weasley in St. Mungo’s hospital, what did Harry conclude was the secret weapon that Voldemort wanted?


A: Harry himself.

Harry was worried that Volemort was going to possess him to attack others.

Q: Why was Ron massaging his stomach in the Gryffindor common room, when Harry came downstairs from the dormitory on the morning of the first day of the winter holidays?


A: He was eating a Peppermint Toad candy from Honeydukes. (Book 3, chapter 11)

From the previous chapter, during Harry's first visit to Honeydukes, we learn that Peppermint Toads "hop realistically in the stomach!".

Q: Which two students do we learn that Professor Umbridge forced to carve messages into the back of their own hand?



Harry recommended essence of Murtlap to Lee as a remedy.

Q: During Harry's years at Hogwarts, when did Gryffindor lose a quidditch match by 10 points, despite catching the snitch?


No, this isn't a mistake or trick question referring to Viktor Krum's catch of the snitch in the World Cup! This match outcome did actually happen to the Gryffindor team during Harry's years at Hogwarts.


A: Versus Ravenclaw, in Harry's year 5.

Harry was banned by Umbridge from quidditch at the time. Ginny was the Gryffindor seeker for the match.

Q: What class of Harry’s changed to being taught in a different classroom midway through the school year?


A: Divination, in Harry's year 5.

When Firenze took over teaching from Trelawney, the class was moved to a classroom on the ground floor.

Q: What is Cho Chang’s patronus?


A: A swan. (Book 5, chapter 27)

I wonder if Cho particularly enjoyed riding into Hogwarts on the swan boats in her first year?

Q: What language was the stone bust in the corridor outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor’s office muttering to itself in?


A: Latin. (Book 5, chapter 32)

Harry and Hermione overhear it while waiting to sneak into Umbridge's office.

Q: In what room was Harry's first Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Lupin taught in?


A: The Staff Room. (Book 3, chapter 7)

The boggart had moved into the wardrobe in that room.

Q: When was the first time Hermione used Harry’s wand to cast a spell?


A: To Alohomora the door to the 3-headed dog room while they were fleeing from Filch. (Book 1, chapter 9)

The first-year students apparently were not yet in the habit of carrying their wands with them at all times. Mention is made later that Hermione and Ron only brought their wands to Harry's second quidditch match because they were suspicous of Snape, who was refereeing it.

Harry did have his wand because he had thought he'd be dueling Draco.

Q: On what occasion was Harry Potter awarded exactly 20 points to Gryffindor by a teacher?


A: Awarded by Professor Sprout, for Harry passing her a watering can. (Book 5, chapter 26)

Professor Sprout did this as part of the Hogwarts staff's pushback against Umbridge.

Q: Who was Ginny’s first boyfriend?


A: Michael Corner (Ravenclaw).

Q: Whom does Peeves chase, and whack, with Professor McGonagall’s walking stick?


A: Dolores Umbridge. (Book 5, chapter 38)

This takes place during Umbridge's final flight out of Hogwarts.

Q: When did Hermione play Quididtch?


A: In the summer at the Weasleys, before her 6th year. (Book 6, chapter 6)

Harry's (private!) assessment of Hermione's skill level: "dreadful."

In 2v2 quidditch, Harry and Hermione vs Ron and Ginny were fairly-matched teams.

Q: Upon which magical creatures does Harry Potter go for a ride? (Multiple answers)



What 3 varieties of quill are sold at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?



Q: When do we see Ron use the Invisibility Cloak by himself, without Harry?


A: In year 1, to help Hagrid care for the newborn dragon, Norbert. (Book 1, chapter 14)

When did Harry and Neville wear the Invisibility Cloak together?


A: While going to Slughorn’s lunch on the Hogwarts Express, in year 6.

When did Harry and Luna wear the Invisibility Cloak together?


A: While sneaking from the Room of Requirement up to Ravenclaw Tower, in year 7. (Book 7, chapter 29)

(And again just afterwards, while leaving the tower with Professor McGonagall.)

Q: Who is the only Hogwarts ghost who speaks to every single student on multiple occasions?


A: Professor Binns! (During History class lectures.)

Q: What 3 classes did Hermione drop (decide not to continue with) before her 6th year?



We can infer this list from the information in book 6, chapter 9.

Q: What is the first class that we see Harry Potter take at Hogwarts with students from Ravenclaw house?


A: Slughorn’s 6th year Potions class.

This class contained at least one student from all four houses. Prior to this, Harry and his same-year Gryffindors are only explicitly shown as being in classes with Slytherins and Hufflepuffs.

What four potions did Professor Slugorn have on display in his first day teaching Potions class?


One was not Draught of Living Death.

That's the potion that was assigned to be made in that class, the prize for best performance winning a dose of one of a particular one of the four potions on display.



Q: What jinx did Harry Potter cast -- twice -- on Argus Filch?


A: A Half-Blood Prince jinx causing the tongue to be glued to the roof of the mouth. (Book 6, chapter 12)

Q: When did Harry Potter earn 10 points for Gryffindor “for sheer cheek”?


A: When he gave Professor Slughorn a bezoar, instead of completing the assignment of mixing an antidote.

Q: When did Dobby punch someone in the face and knock out half their teeth?


Yes, this actually did happen!

It occurred in the hospital wing.


A: The victim of the punch was Kreacher, after Kreacher had insulted Harry. (Book 6, chapter 19)

Harry, in the hospital wing after McLaggen hit him with a bludger during a quidditch match, had summoned Kreacher in order to get Krecher to tail Malfoy.

Dobby and Kreacher were middle of their fight when Harry summoned Kreacher (and got them both).

Q: When did Harry successfully magically unlock a locked door without using a wand?


A: When fleeing the Dursleys house after becoming enraged at Aunt Marge for insulting his Harry's parents. (Book 3, chapter 2)

In Harry's enraged state, his magic caused the cupboard under the stairs, where most of Harry's magical possesions had been locked up for the summer, to burst open.

Bonus Answer:

A: Every time Harry spoke the password to the Fat Lady to enter Gryffindor Tower!

As my 10-year-old daughter just pointed out to me: This is indeed Harry unlocking a door; by magic; without using his wand!

Q: What crime did Mundungus commit that resulted in him being sent to Azkaban?


A: Impersonating an inferus during a robbery. (Book 6, chapter 21)

Q: Which character, who is mentioned in book 1, chapter 2, and then is not mentioned again until book 5, raised the warning that Mundungus had abandoned his guard duty of Harry?


A: Mr. Tibbles.

This is one of Mrs. Figg's cats! Mrs. Figg, despite being a squib, evidently has the ability to give instructions to Mr. Tibbles, and understand Mr. Tibbles in turn -- similar to Filch's relationship with his own cat, Mrs. Norris.

Q: Under what circumstances did mysterious lights shine from inside every suit of armor at Hogwarts?


This was not part of the events near the end of Book 7. (Although the suits of armor did definitely do something odd on that occasion as well!)


A: This was part of the Hogwarts Christmas decorations in Harry's 3rd year. (Book 3, chapter 11)

Q: On what occasion did Dumbledore not correct Harry when Harry referred to a current Hogwarts professor, other than Hagrid, by their last name alone (without the "Professor" honorific)?


A: When Harry brings Slughorn’s memory to Dumbledore. (Book 6, chapter 23)

"Sir -- I've got it. I've got the memory from Slughorn."

Dumbledore is evidently so surprised and pleased that he neglects to correct Harry as per his usual habit!

Q: When was Harry Potter asked a Harry Potter trivia question?


"What creature sat in the corner, the first time that Harry Potter visited my office at Hogwarts?"

A: Lupin challenged Harry with this question to prove his identity, after Harry's arrival at The Burrow, following the escape from Privet Drive. (Book 7, chapter 5)

Q: What was the answer to that Harry Potter trivia question?


"A – a grindylow in a tank, wasn't it?"

The original scene where this occurred was in book 3, chapter 8.

Q: Looking in from the Entrance Hall, from left to right, what is the order of the four house tables in the Great Hall, as of Harry's first year?


A: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor. (Book 1, chapter 7)

We can infer these positions by the tables to which Harry sees students go to after being sorted, although in that scene, Harry's perspective is from the opposite end of the room (near the staff table).

Q: What magic spell did Dumbledore perform at Harry’s first start-of-term feast?


A: Dumbledore made the words to the Hogwarts school song appear in mid-air.

Q: When did Harry have his first piece of mail at Hogwarts delivered by Hedwig, and what was it?


It wasn't the delivery of Harry's Nimbus 2000.


A: Friday of Harry’s first week. It was an invitation to afternoon tea with Hagrid.

Q: When is the first time that the forest on the Hogwarts grounds is referred to as the “Forbidden Forest”?


A: When Harry is going to visit Hagrid for the first time. (Book 1, chapter 8.)

Dumbledore calls it "the forest on the grounds" in his speech during Harry's first start-of-term feast.

Q: What two objects were outside Hagrid’s house the first time Harry visited him there?


  1. Hagrid's crossbow.
  2. A pair of galoshes.

Q: On the banner that was prepared by Harry’s friends to support him in his first quidditch match: What was the wording, what was the drawing, who drew it, and what enchantment was performed on it?


A: The banner read “Potter for President” and featured a lion drawn by Dean. The paint was enchanted to flash different colors by Hermione.

Q: When do we see former headmasters of Hogwarts appear in a portrait at Hogwarts other than the portraits on the walls of the Headmaster's Office?


A: Some of the former headmasters are having a Christmas party with a couple of monks, Sir Cadogan, and his pony, in the Gryffindor Tower guardian portrait, on Christmas Day in Harry's 3rd year. (Book 3, chapter 11)

Q: When did the Weasley twins successfully pelt Voldemort in the face with enchanted snowballs?

Hint 1:

Yes, this actually was a thing that happened in the books!

It happened during Harry's first year.


A: In Harry’s first year, after the first major snowfall, before Christmas, Fred and George enchanted snowballs to repeatedly hit Quirrell in the back of his turban. (Book 1, chapter 12)

Q: What two gifts did Harry receive from Ms Weasley his first Christmas at Hogwarts?


  1. A jumper (emerald green)
  2. Homemade fudge

Q: When did Ron and Hermione secretly practice a curse together, without Harry’s knowledge?


A: In year 1, the Leg-Locker Curse, to use against Snape, refereeing the quidditch match vs Hufflepuff, if he tried to hurt Harry. (Book 1, chapter 13)

Q: When do we see tennis being played at Hogwarts?


A: Peeves is hitting a tennis ball to himself against the wall of the entrance hall when Harry and Hermione go to get Norbert the dragon from Hagrid’s.

Q: Which four students were caught out of bed the evening that Norbert was smuggled out of Hogwarts?


A: Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Neville. (Book 1, chapter 15)

Ron wasn't present because his hand had been injured while taking care of Norbert earlier.

Q: How can students check the time while in the Gryffindor common room?


A: There is a grandfather clock by the door. (Book 1, chapter 16)

Q: When is the first time we see Hermione fly on a broomstick?


A: In the flying keys room, when the trio is trying to catch the key to the locked door guarding the Philosopher’s Stone.

Q: What spells do we see that have a corresponding dismissal spell -- a separate, specific spell word that reverses or cancels the original spell's effects?



Q: Which character do we see first use Harry's "signature spell", Expelliarmus?


A: Professor Snape, at the dueling club meeting. (Book 2, chapter 11)

Q: When do we first see Harry Potter successfully cast a spell using his wand plus a spoken magic word?


A: Surprisingly, it's not until the dueling club meeting, in book 2 (chapter 11)!

Although we see both Hermione and Ron successfuly cast spells in book 1, we never actually see Harry doing so!

Harry's spell is Rictusempra. It produces a jet of silver light which hits Malfoy in the stomach, causing him to double up and wheeze.

This is the only time that we see Rictusempra used during the entire series!

Q: When do we first see any character successfully cast a spell using a wand plus a spoken magic word?


A: It's Hermione, using Alohomora.

Q: When do we first see Hagrid successfully cast a spell using a wand plus a spoken magic word?


A: Although Hagrid is the first character we see (intentionally!) perform magic, we don't actually see him use a magic word until the end of book 6, when he and Harry use Aguamenti to put out Hagrid's burning house.

Q: When do we first see the repairing charm, Reparo, used?


A: By Hermione, on the Hogwarts Express... in year four, to repair the glass pane of the sliding compartment door, after it was shattered due to being slammed shut by Ron.

At no point in the book series is Reparo used to mend Harry's glasses! (Nor are Harry's glasses ever held together with spellotape.)

Q: When do we see an apparent violation of the food exception to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration?


A: As we learn in Book 7, chapter 15, this exception states that food can't magically be created from thin air.

A: As they were missing the feast due to their late arrival at Hogwarts via flying car, Professor McGonagall provided Harry and Ron with a plate of sandwiches that kept refilling itself. (Book 2, chapter 5.)

Perhaps house elves were magically sending food from the kitchen to the plate, in the same way that they generally sent food up to the house tables...?

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